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   Liyang city is Yang shipping co., LTD2013Years4Was registered,The registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan,Is located in liyang city of jiangsu province across town with strong port road108Number,Cover an area of an area10000Square meters,Is an enterprise mainly engaged in cargo transport of dangerous goods。Road transport business scope for:Road transport of general cargo、Goods for transportation(Tank)、The for-profit road transport of dangerous goods(2Class1Items,3Class,Dangerous goods6Class1Items,Dangerous goods8Class,Dangerous goods9Class)。
   The company has the tailgate、Tank、Van freight vehicles,The main carrying goods:General cargo、Acetaldehyde、Methanol、Alcohol、Liquid alkali、Acrylic acid etc。Opened in Shanghai、Beijing、Inner Mongolia、Tianjin、Shandong、Guangdong, etc3Class、6Class1Items、8Class、9Road transport of dangerous goods line。 
   The company since its establishment,“Urgent urgent customers,Want to customers want。In order to service to win the market,Obtained by reputation”Is the tenet of our company。In our unremitting efforts,Won many customers the trust and support to us,Based on the principle of reciprocity and mutual benefit,The company's business is thriving,...
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