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Tianjin zhongtian weiye decoration engineering co., LTD. Is located in tianjin dong li,Is the building insulation,Insulation materials research and development.Production.Sales.Construction in a body's comprehensive technology companies.The main products are:Inorganic fiber spraying,Foam concrete.Foamed cement.Building insulation mortar.Interface agent.Foaming agent,Perlite insulation mortar.Vitrified beads insulation mortar, etc.The foam concrete(Cast-in-situ).Inorganic fiber spraying is the main project of the company。 The company has employees60More than one.The senior technician6People.Professional and technical personnel20More than one.Foam concrete roof insulation for slope.The ground to keep warm.The expansion of the road.Reduced across the bridge.Goaf filling.Inorganic fiber spraying construction。...

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Prophase project

The advantages of a:Early for engineering test for perfect products

During the period of construction

The advantages of two:The packing、Design and construction all-round services,Years of construction,The customer trust

Construction completed

The advantages of the three:After the site construction technical personnel check in time

High-quality service

Advantages of four:Materials with peace of mind,The construction team of quality services

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Tianjin zhongtian weiye decoration engineering co., LTD

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