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Tianjin Johnson steel trade co., LTD
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Address:Tianjin beichen district tianjin beichen road building4-2308

Tianjin Johnson steel trade co., LTD is mainly engaged in tangshan、Baotou steel、Shougang、Anshan iron and steel、Baosteel、Tiantie large steel mills such as galvanized coils、Cold rolled plate、Hot rolled plate、Cold rolling、Stainless steel coil、High-quality steel products such as tablet。 My company is located in northern China's largest artificial port is located——Tianjin。With convenient traffic advantages in tianjin、Intelligent marketing network、Powerful storage processing distribution system and good reputation,Between the steel mills and customers to build up a win-win platform。To provide international standard steel processing、Distribution services,In the same industry enjoys a high reputation.

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   ·Knowledge of the steel plate
8Month1Galvanized coil, tianjin market
7Month27Galvanized sheet, tianjin market
5Month14Shanghai market hot rolled plate
Building materials market forecast:Blank strong support
Beijing galvanized sheet:Prices temporarily stabilized
JiLinJian Long Pu carbon prices
Alerts:Rural part of galvanized sheet 1M
Hebei PuYang hot rolls3.0ThicknessS
Galvanized sheet
Classification of galvanized sheet
Manufacture applications
Hard coil is introduced
Hot galvanized sheet defects
Hot galvanized sheet classification
Hot galvanized sheet purposes
Pickling plate is introduced
   ·Steel prices
   ·Steel dynamics
8Month1Galvanized coil, tianjin market
7Month31Galvanized sheet, tianjin market
6Month9Galvanized coil, tianjin market
6Month8Galvanized coil, tianjin market
5Month14Day hot volume forecast:Futures
The latest price of galvanized sheet!
Tianjin galvanized sheet Cold plate3Month8
6Month14Zhongnan market inventory:
The afternoon billet or continue steady running
Hebei late or building materials market will continue
Environmental protection supervision end mills and production,In advance
Chongqing galvanized sheet:Price stability
Shanghai galvanized sheet:Prices weak stability Library
Wuhan galvanized sheet:Prices continue to fall
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